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Chalcolithic Shamen

The Chalcolithic age is defined as the transition period between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age. From 5000 BC to 3000 BC, or right around the time of the agricultural revolution. As the cataloguing of our human history recedes in time, categorizations of ‘ages’ becomes broader. Thousands of years are glazed over with not much more than a trade skill defining the people that lived in through those times. 
There is much to left to the imagination and when combined with context clues from the living and the dead, we can begin to paint a picture. I started by gathering artifacts from before and during the Chalcolithic time span. I also looked at more recent examples such as Native American and Siberian tribes. People that lived in isolation and relied on a more naturalistic way of life. Humans are capable of creating very complex objects even when the only materials one has to draw from are found in the wild. 
I restricted myself to the Iberian Pininsula so that I would have a limited environment to draw from. I also took inspiration from the many Stonehenge -like, monolithic sites scattered around the area. I wanted to picture a person that would have been using these sites regularly.